An Italian Story
Travels, passion and great ideas

The brand Uominitaliani stems from a history of emigration, as a tribute, a memory, an emotion to the nearly thirty million Italians who, at the beginning of the last century, have left their homeland to emigrate in search of luck and better living conditions.

They want to recall the situation to enhance the Italian and, above all, well-being that the Italian emigration brought in recipient countries, and such as the United States, the European countries, South America.

Even today, the Italian emigrant abroad continues to feel an integral part of their land, maintaining the language, traditions, culture.

North America


Over the years Mexico was the destination for Italians in search of a job, wealthy families looking for lands and small entrepreneurs who were able to start successful businesses in the fields of tourism, trade and restaurant industry.


    After years of sacrifice and hard work many Italian immigrants were able to achieve a stable economic and social situation, calling the rest of their family and guaranteeing them a better future.


      Many are the Italian names who have contributed to the history of the United States of America: artists, politicians, scientists, inventors, writers, athletes, jurists.

        South America


        Italians in Chile were pioneers in irrigation and cultivation of the oasis, introduction and cultivation of vine, olive, citrus, vegetables and their distribution on the market.


          In Brazil, particularly in the state of Sao Paulo, Italians were able to start over the years a vast fabric and craft industry, critical to the next economic takeoff.


            The agricultural colonization by the Italians is one of the most successful chapters of the history of Argentina: among other things, they introduced the cultivation of the vine.



              Not only workers in search of better living conditions but also also entrepreneurs, intellectuals, politicians, artists and scientists decided to live, study and work in Germany, bringing culture, innovation and contributing actively to the growth of the Country.


                Italian immigrants in Switzerland gave a great contribution to the development of construction, hotel and restaurant industries.


                  Despite their very low social conditions Italian immigrants were able to send their children to school: many of them became business owners, entrepreneurs, scientists, inventors, writers, lawyers, actors who actively contributed to the economic and cultural growth of the Country.


                    Italians emigrating in the United Kingdom started with subordinate jobs, which allowed them to raise money: later, many of them opened small shops, bars or restaurants which, thanks to the atmosphere and quality of the food, soon became successful.


                      Emigration to the coal mines of Belgium was one of the most difficult experiences for Italians after the War: to sustain their family, they had to prove all their constancy and spirit of sacrifice.



                        Italians gave a great contribution to the cultural, social and economic development of Australia: even today many are the Italians that hold positions of significance, and contribute significantly to the development of the Country in various fields.

                          The essence of the brand is, however, a particular history of emigration: the history of a Venetian family that, from the Province of Venezia, came in Piedmont, settling and creating their business reality.

                          The particular inclination of the logo want to evoke this trek.

                          The collection Uominitaliani is a range of proposals designed to create a total look for the man of today: clothing and accessories treated both in terms of production with the use of selected partners, that distribution, being the same company that owns the trademark to follow directly the location on the Italian territory and abroad.

                          Uominitaliani is a proprietary brand of Bon Bon Emporio SRL, Company founded during the 80’s by Flavio and Donatella Tonetto, still now at the head of the Company. Bon Bon mission is the wholesale of  famous Italian and international luxury brands, with a special attention of  Made in Italy items.

                          The Company has acquired over the years a significant role in the fashion filed and, thanks to a careful and prudent distribution of products, benefits from the full confidence of the major fashion International Maisons.

                          This has enabled the Company to acquire, during the years, a large Italian and foreign Customers becoming a reliable and serious partner.